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The latest phylogeny of the genus

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Here we present an image of the latest rpb2 phylogenetic tree obtained for the whole Hypocrea/Trichoderma genes. Case phylogenies dedicated to certain groups are presented on corresponding pages.   link

Updated on Aug. 04 2006 by I. Druzhinina and A. Kopchiskiy

The latest phylogeny of the genusPosition of H. crystalligena on the bayesian
phylogenetic tree as inferred from the analysis of partial rpb2 sequences (3 million generations, GTR model of evolution).
Black circles indicate nodes supported by posterior probabilities higher than 0.95; grey circles show nodes with support in a range higher than 0.89 and lower than 0.95. Vertical bars indicate sections and clades established by Chaverri and Samuels 2003 and Druzhinina et al 2005.

Modified from Jaklitsch, W.M., Komon, M., Kubicek, C.P. and Druzhinina, I.S. (2006) Hypocrea crystalligena sp. nov., a common European species with a white-spored Trichoderma anamorph, Mycologia, in press 

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